DASH Instructions
Woodinville Indoor Sports

How to Register a TEAM
STEP 1: Log in or Create a Woodinville Indoor Sports (WIS) account.
STEP 2: Click “Register” on the top of your WIS account screen
STEP 3: Select your name (not your child’s name) when asked “Who are you registering?”
STEP 4: Click “TEAM" under “Registration Type”
STEP 5: Select “Register a Team” on the next screen
STEP 6: Select “Yes” under “Are you the coach or manager?”
STEP 7: Select the league you wish to register for from the list
STEP 8: Select the age and gender; do NOT filter by skill level
​Click HERE to get started

Adding Players to Your Roster
Coach/Manager Instructions – Inviting Players to Join
After you have completed the registration process, please follow the steps below to complete your online roster. All players must be on the roster to take the field.
STEP 1.Log in to your WIS Account
STEP 2. On your account home page, click the “Invite” button below the appropriate team
STEP 3.Input the email addresses of your team members
STEP 4.Copy and paste the content you'd like to include in the message into the message box:
STEP 5.Click “Send Invitation”

Parent/Player Instructions – Joining the Roster
To join a roster, you must be invited by the individual who registered the team. If the player participating in the tournament is under the age of 18, a parent must set up an account.
Are you and your child already in the WIS system?
Simply click the link provided in the email asking you to join the team.
Do you have an account, but need to add your child?
1.Log in to your WIS account
2.Click any option from the list of registration types
3.Click “New Child”
4.Fill in the appropriate information and click “Create”
5.Return to your team invite email, click the link provided, and follow the instructions
Are you new to WIS?
1.Click here, enter your email address and hit “Sign Up” under “New Customer Registration”
2.Fill in YOUR information in the “Adult Information” section
3.Click “Add Children” to add the player(s) that will be joining the roster
4.Click “Register”
5.Return to your team invite email, click the link provided, and follow the instructions