Winter 2 Session
Will kick off on Friday, January 12th and end on Thursday, April 5th
It will be a 12 game session 
Team fee: $1380
Women's Open - Mondays
Women's Over 30 - Wednesday
Men's - Tues/Thurs
Adult Coed - Fri/Sat

Current and Returning teams do not need to register in DASH.  Just email and let them know your team is returning.   


Spring 2018
Will kick off on Monday, April 9th and 
end on Sunday, June 24th
It will  be an 11 game session

Individuals Looking for a Team
Register in DASH
Click Register at top
Choose your name
Choose JOIN a TEAM
You should see a BOYS, GIRLS and ADULT Waitlist Team
available in the list. This is a waitlist for individuals looking for a team. We will form HOUSE teams from this list or place players on teams who need more players. There's no guarantee that we'll be able to fit everyone on a team or form a house team