Spring 2018
Will kick off on Monday, April 16th and 
end on Sunday, July 1st
It will  be an 11 game session
Game nights are as follows:
Monday - Women's Open
Tuesday - Men's 
Wednesday - Women's Over 30 Mod
Thursday - Men's
Friday - Coed
Saturday - Coed

The first game time each night is around 7:30pm

Current teams do NOT need to register yet send an email to let him know your team is returning for the Spring Session.

NEW Team Registration

Individuals Looking for a Team
Register in DASH
Click Register at top
Choose your name
Choose JOIN a TEAM
You should see a BOYS, GIRLS and ADULT Waitlist Team
available in the list. This is a waitlist for individuals looking for a team. We will form HOUSE teams from this list or place players on teams who need more players. There's no guarantee that we'll be able to fit everyone on a team or form a house team